Phoenix Choir

Saturday morning workshops with John Powell

Phoenix Saturday morning workshops offer something rather different to singers used to singing large scale choral works - an opportunity to explore a range of shorter pieces in a variety of styles; the repertoire being more like that of a chamber choir.

The experience is like an extended Singing Day: more relaxed than having the pressure of reaching public performance standard, but with the added satisfaction of having adequate time to learn the pieces properly.

Music for 2024

Siderum rector
Three choruses from Samson
V'amo di core
Lay a Garland
My Love Dwelt in a Northern Land
The Rich Old Lady
I Will Give my Love an Apple
And the name? The origins of Phoenix lie in workshops started in the 90s at Bolton Institute of Higher Education. In 2012 the choir, by now largely consisting of members of Bolton Festival Choir, moved to a different venue at which point, in celebration of its rebirth, the singers chose the name of this mythical bird, rising, born again, from the ashes of its funeral pyre.

What people say about Phoenix

'The Saturday mornings are a lovely start to the weekend.'

'I learn a huge amount and find them a great encouragement.'

'We sing a wide range of music - something for everyone and it's great fun.'

Why not come along and try it for yourself? For all enquiries or to sign up, use the 'Contact Us' form.